European Union
Youth Conference
Estonia 2017

23-26 October 2017
Tallinn, Kultuurikatel

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The topic of the VI cycle of the Structured Dialogue is „Youth in Europe: What´s Next?“

In the second half of 2017 Estonia holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union.

In the youth field we focus on 3 priority topics:

  1. Future of young people and the youth field in EU
  2. Smart youth work
  3. Youth volunteering, including the European Solidarity Corps

With the current EU Youth Strategy coming to an end in 2018, there is a unique opportunity to rethink and further improve how the EU is working with young people and on the issues that matter to young people. In addition, the current discussion on the future of Europe and the future of not only the European project but also of Europe as a continent presents a significant opportunity to discuss the future for youth.

VI Cycle of the Structured Dialogue with Youth

The VI Cycle of Structured Dialogue has the momentum to examine what young people expect from the EU to allow them to live prosperous, sustainable and successful lives. Progressing towards the adoption of the new EU Youth Strategy at the end of 2018, the VI Cycle will gain a broad overview and participation of young people on what they expect from the EU and its cross-sectoral youth policies today as well as over the next decade. This will include feedback from a wide range and high number of young people on different areas the EU youth policy should focus on, as well as more detailed discussions on how the Strategy could work most efficiently, responding to young people’s needs, rights and aspirations.

VI Cycle of the Structured Dialogue is an 18 month process composed of three 6-month long Presidencies (Estonia, Bulgaria, Austria) and three European Youth Conferences (EUYC): 1st EUYC in Tallinn (23-26.October 2017); 2nd EUYC in Sofia (spring 2018) and 3rd EUYC in Vienna (autumn 2018).

The outcomes of the VI cycle would feed directly:

1) into the draft of the EU Youth Strategy of the Commission and;

2) into the final document adopted by the Council. This would be the first time in the history of the Structured Dialogue that immediate and tangible outcomes would be apparent.

The 1st EU Conference in the frame of the VI cycle of the Structured Dialogue

The 1st EU Conference in the frame of the VI cycle of the Structured Dialogue from 23 to 26 October 2017 will take place in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia and it aims to bring together young people and policy makers in order to:

  • explore what really matters to the young people today (with possible outlook into the future);
  • map all possible questions, topics, worries, hopes, problems and challenges influencing the young people and their lives today and in the future.

Expected results of the 1st EU Youth Conference of the VI cycle of the Structured Dialogue

In terms of preliminary expected results, the EU Youth Conference aims to create an input that will:

  • inform the guidelines for the open youth consultation to be launched in all the EU Member States as part of the Structured Dialogue during the period November 2017 – February 2018.
  • in long term, inform the proposal for the next EU Youth Strategy, to be published by the European Commission early summer 2018 (tbc).