European Union
Youth Conference
Estonia 2017

23-26 October 2017
Tallinn, Kultuurikatel

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Harvest of Future Festival

Link to the harvesting tool: https://goo.gl/HLDuQv

By 16.30, two people from the group should find a computer (either your own laptop or a computer at the venue – see map for computer stations), and harvest the work of the day.
You are welcome to go to the Researcher’s Corner at the Engine Hall to do this (the researchers Dan and Ondras will be there to help out).

The responsibility of the two harvesters is to create a summary of what the group has discussed using an online form. The nominated people harvest the work on behalf of the whole group and must try to fairly represent the views of all of the group when they do this. The harvest will feed as information to the researchers, who will be creating the upcoming consultation process based on the key messages they are given in the conference. Part of the harvest will also be shown to all conference participants the following day.

If you find there are fields in the template, that you have not talked about, just don’t fill it out.

Remember to click the ‘submit’ button at the end.